Umber Range





The design brief was to create a range of furniture imbuing the quintessential elements of life in the Southern Alps. Taking inspiration from the dramatic landscape, and the sophistication of many who choose to live or visit the region, a design language was created.

A key element of Umber is the contrasting angles running through the range. This reference is taken from the craggy and rugged terrain that forms the Southern Alps where rivers flow through valleys and canyons open into waterways with intricate coastlines. The mountains themselves are tree-lined but also adorned with cracks, fissures and boulders adding an aged narrative to their form. These details are magnified through the sheer scale of the mountainous region offering such varied perspectives from the water or the mountains themselves. The scenery is always unfolding before your eyes as angles shift whilst navigating a passage through.

The Umber Range is available from Tréology.