Tréology Odyssey Table




Inspiration from the land is what drives the Treology brand.  This is most telling with the Odyssey Table base that was the result of our own personal odyssey along the West Coast of New Zealand.

From Punakiki to Hokitika, Haast to Wanaka via glaciers and rainforests, we explored and examined the landscape and the details that come together to form the bigger picture.  The defining object was a small rock found near Fox Glacier that encapsulated the sediment rocks that are omnipresent along the coast.

The Treology landscape is not about being literal but rather taking an abstract interpretation of what we see and what we feel.  Using this philosophy, the rock what dissected and re-created as the Odyssey Table base.


The Odyssey design progression.

Odyssey is an original design created with Tréology.  Please contact Tréology for more information.