Canopy Table




The timber used for Canopy is special – very special.  Its made from a 200 year Totara tree that was felled naturally and laid on the forest floor for maybe 50 years or more.  Taking a brief from Treology, they wanted it to become a dining table, something that sang the beauty of the wood and where it came from.

Canopy is a design metaphor of the tree itself.  Each leg is a trunk with branches that create their own unique positive and negative spatial geometry.  When combined will all four legs, moving around the table is a true three-dimensional experience where trunks and branches visually interact just like a canopy in the forest.

Canopy is also a testament to the craftsmanship of Mother Nature and the staff at Treology.  We wanted the timber to tell its own story and a base that added to the narrative. Its also functional ensuring it accomodates people to sit around and share the pleasures families bring.

Canopy is a bespoke design for Treology